Razor MX650 Rocket Dirt Bike Review

It cannot be denied that children adore motorcycles. Nevertheless, if you purchase a mediocre machine that falls short of the child’s aspirations, this enthusiasm can abruptly change into hatred. Do you long for fun on a motorsport ride or an electric motorbike, but it may have always felt beyond range? Then don’t worry because there is some happy news for you. Due to its strong 650-watt electric engine, the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket electric motocross bike is a compact electric motorsport bike with plenty of performance.

Your children can enjoy a sturdy motocross bike of their own. The MX650 includes a 500W electric engine at 17 mph, knobby rubber tires, a stability system, riser armrests, a 220-pound maximum weight limit, and it can tackle any terrain. Your hopes for mini dirt bikes are going to be realized. Your kid will undoubtedly adore the Razor MX650’s appearance as a vintage dirt motorbike. With a rotary throttle, hand brake controls for the front and back rim brakes, a much more potent engine, and larger capacitors, this motorbike has all the essential attributes of an electric dirt motorbike. Even a flexible kickstand for whenever you want to park is included on the Razor MX650. Let’s go into every detail of this wonderful bike

Features of Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket dirt bike


Battery/charging time 

Razor MX650 Battery Time

In around 12 hours, this Razor motocross bike is fully charged. True, charging a cell would be a lengthy period of hours.

However, the device is easily portable in this case, and the dirt bike has a strong 500W electric engine. It is indeed fun for large boys.

One must use the charge as payment if the user desires the strength. To extend the battery capacity, be careful not to overcharge batteries.


Razor MX650 Frame 

Razor MX650 Frame
Source: www.instructables.com

Almost all of the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket’s parts are housed in a sturdy steel structure. That structure has the proportions of a true dirt motorbike, which helps it function well on severe off-road ground by emulating the characteristics of a realistic dirt motorcycle to a certain extent. 

Although the Razor MX650’s structure is made entirely of steel, this component enhances the bike’s heaviness, which does not affect children’s enjoyment. The large carrying power of a robust body is one benefit. Because the Razor MX650 could support riders weighing approximately 180 lbs, sometimes lightweight individuals can use it.

Notwithstanding Razor’s recommendation for customer age, the shape of the MX650 is substantially too tiny for children under the age of 13. That might play a bigger role in your child’s decision to accept the motorbike.



The Razor MX650’s most intriguing feature is its upgradeability. Youngsters won’t stay the same; they’ll begin to develop, and the motorcycle won’t be quick enough for them soon. Then, you should start looking for a replacement motorcycle for them.

However, with the help of the Razor electric dirt bike MX650, you may upgrade your current bike instead of purchasing a new one for a few more generations. You may take the existing device and replace the cell with something like 48-volt lithium, which is more potent.


Children's protection 

Razor MX650 protection
Source: www.amazon.in

Every parent’s top priority is their child’s security. There is no shortage of it when riding a bicycle. Your child will take pleasure in the dual spring on this motocross bike. Because of this, it can handle the track’s off-road ridges and dips easier. The driver won’t want to be hurled from the seat.

The bristly tires contribute to the problem as well. For increased grip on soft sand and muddy tracks, use large pneumatic forward and rear tires measuring 16 and 14 inches, respectively. In the meantime, it endures the abuse that comes with traveling. Transmitting the motor’s energy onto the tires in the interim.



Nothing is pre-installed on any motorbike. Every single one of them requires some sort of setup. This is also true of the MX650 electric motocross bike from Razor.

However, putting everything together requires a while. Assuming you know how to go around that situation, this could take approximately an hour. You can imagine what might be in store for someone performing this kind of labor for the initial moment.

Despite having a guide booklet with assembly instructions, it is not easily knocked over. a colossal failure in this respect.


Brakes and suspension 

The Razor MX650 comes equipped with a front plus a back brake, contrasting the less powerful Razor MX350 we evaluated.

The entire braking system consists of wheel discs managed by hand handles located on either corner of the handle.

Such a style of brake pedal configuration makes braking easier, maintains your child’s attention on the route, and may even increase their stability


Customer Service

Direct and to the mark, The MX650 from Dirt Rocket is fantastic. This electric motorcycle is a smash thanks to its sturdy tires, double suspension, strong high output engine with speed control belt conveyor, and genuine Motocross appearance. Any young person who enjoys riding electric dirt motorbikes will become happy with that too. No one can settle to scuff it up once more. This electric vehicle gadget travels at 15 mph, leaving other motorbikes in the dirt.

Look at the Razor MX650 on the Online store, where they provide door-to-door shipping and often a 90-day guarantee for each order. Razor items can be purchased through Amazon for amazing savings on the motorcycle. 

Razor continues to provide helpful customer support. Additionally, they give clients a chance to get in touch via a contact section on the Razor homepage, where users can fill out their details and submit any issues so that Razor can properly handle them. Razor keeps up a web of connections to address your problems if you need help regarding your device.


Ultimately, the MX650 is a fantastic electric dirt motorbike that ups the ante on kid-friendly fun. It boasts a tough construction and various practical features that allow for a pleasant, thrilling dirt track riding adventure. The performance is ideal for new riders, and several safety measures guarantee that there is minimal to no danger. Although the great power this bike gives, you must admit that the cost will make you rethink purchasing one. The good frame structure that enables a pleasant drive is one of the aspects of this dirt motorbike that pleased anyone. Wide pneumatic tires and suspension make biking on the rough trails easy for your tiny rider.

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