How To Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal

The popularity of Dirt bikes has been rising fast ever since their manufacturing. Many people want to ride dirt bikes on public roads. But not many know that the process of making your dirt bike street legal may be overwhelming for the majority of people. There are many rules and regulations one has to follow in order to make their Dirt bike street legal. There are different laws and a lot of criteria to follow to do so.

One of the most important parts of making your bike street legal is to add the necessary parts and accessories needed for a dirt bike to make it possible to ride on a public road , keeping in mind all the security and legal requirements. In this article we’ve discussed the requirements for a street legal dirt bike. And the best part is that you can do this all by yourself.

Street Legal Dirt Bike Components

In order to make your bike street legal and ride it on a public road, there are specific accessories and components which are required to be added to the Dirt bike for the safety of the rider as well as the pedestrians and other vehicles on the road. Listed below are the main components you need to add to your dirt bike, in order to make it street legal.

Basic components


A working DOT (Department of Transportation) approved headlight is one of the Most important parts of a bike. The bike should have an adjustable beam From low to high. The application of the headlights may vary from place to place. The power of highlights should not be very high as it may be blinding to the riders in front of your bike. You can also install an LED headlight. An LED headlight consumes less power and puts less pressure on the electrical section of your bike. There are different laws in different states about the position of the low/high switch of the headlights. One must place the switch according to the rules and regulations provided in the area.

Tail Light

A DOT (Department of Transportation) tail light is necessary for a dirt bike to get Street legal. If you install a tail light properly, you can fulfill the purpose of a Taillight ,Brake light, Turn signals and a License plate light. When connected to the brakes and signal indicators, a brake Light can prevent accidents, as the driver behind you is able to see that you are slowing down or turning. Tail lights are necessary to be on all the time while riding the bike. You can install a separate switch which activates and connects the brake to the tail lights whenever necessary. This switch is also called a banjo-bolt switch.


According to laws in most places it’s important for a bike to have at least one working mirror. However, a double mirror is always better for safety reasons and better driving reasons. Mirror backs can be modified to look good, stylish and cool with your Dirt bike. Mirrors help a lot when you are riding in the streets as you can see the blind spots in the mirror. It’s also advised to use a durable mirror. Avoid installing a shaky mirror as you will not get the clear image of objects or path in a shaky mirror. Safety first, people.

Turn Signals

Turn signals are not compulsory everywhere. You can also use hand signals instead. But hand signals are not safe as one may end up losing balance while doing a hand signal. Using turn signals is safe and convenient. Turn signals make indication with blinking when you are about to turn. This gives an idea to the driver behind you. You can also install small LED lights as turn Signals as they use less power, or you can get your tail light to do this part too.


If you want to get your dirt bike to be street legal, you have to install tyres approved by the DOT (Department of transport). You should use these tires not only to make your bike street legal but for the safety of your own as well as others on the road. Dirt track tyres and highway tyres are designed differently as they have to perform on different types of roads. If you use track tires on the highway, you may face many problems while riding and may end up with an accident in the worst case scenario. To know how to change a dirt bike tire, click here.


Horn is the most important part of any vehicle. While you do not need a horn on a dirt track, it is very important while riding a bike on a highway. There are many types of horns in the market. An electric horn is the best choice as it’s convenient to use . They’re cheap, easily available and easy to use. Horns are really useful at one way blind curves as it gives a heads up to the driver from the other side.

License Plate Bracket

License plate is the Most important thing to make your dirt bike street legal. It is the proof that your bike is street legal. License plate bracket ensures that your license plate stays enacted while you are driving. Some people Also use LED lights on their license plates so that the plate is visible in the dark. Different places have different rules for license plate brackets. So make sure you follow the rules issued by the DOT (Department of transport).

Basic components

Optional parts

These parts are not compulsory for making your bike street legal but they are convenient and helpful while riding on the streets or highway.


The odometer is a device which, traditionally, was used to measure speed. But with the advancement in technology odometers can now measure speed, mileage, RPM, and engine temperature too. It’s more  like a gadget than a bike part. But it’s convenient while riding on the streets or highway.


A kickstand is not usually used for a dirt bike. But it’s better to use it for convenience and safety measures. A kickstands may help you get your bike and yourself to safety in case your bike falls down or you experience an accident.

Street Gearing

Gearing sprockets are important to maintain speed of the dirt bike. A large sprocket leads to more acceleration and lesser speed.  When we use a small sprocket, it reduces the ratio which is called tall gearing and results in more speed for the engine while a large sprocket has the opposite effect.


Most Dirt bikes do not contain a fan as they are designed for the purpose of moving constantly. Well that May not be the case when you are riding them on streets. For you may have to wait for several hours in traffic or a driveway. Therefore it’s advised to install a fan so that you may protect your bike From overheating.


There are many different types of documents required to make your bike street legal. Although these documents and official requirements may vary from one place to another. In most cases you are required to apply for the street licence for your Dirt bike at the Department of transport. This may also require other important documents related to your bike. So it’s always better to have everything prepared in advance.

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What factors affect the speed of a dirt bike?

There are many different types of physical, environmental and mental factors which affect the speed of a dirt bike like the engine of the dirt bike (2 stroke or 4 stroke), Weight of the bike, wind drag, rear sprocket, height and weight of the rider, the experience and skills of the rider and the type of motocross track layouts.

Does riding a dirt bike require a license?

You do not need a license or license plate number to ride a dirt bike. But it’s important that the rider is above the age of 16 in order to ride a dirt bike on a public road.

At what age can a kid ride a dirt bike?

A kid as small as a 3 year old can be introduced to an electric dirt bike. You can start training a kid with a 50cc Dirt bike at the age of 4 and can remove the training wheels after practice and improvement.

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