How to Change the Tire of a Dirt Bike?

While riding a dirt bike, there is a possibility that the tire may get punctured, which is normal. Many do not know the perfect step or process to change the tire without further complications. There are many service station that helps to get rid of these issues. The service station can do the changing process, but there is no experience in changing the tire for the user.

If no service station is available nearby, the issue may arise in the greater context. There are many issues, like not having the perfect tool kit for changing the tire or not having the stand that helps support the bike for changing the tire.

There are issues with having a tubeless tire or a non-tubeless tire. As in tubeless tires, the bike will be capable of riding for a few more distances just by filling up the air or if you have the perfect tire for the dirt bike, then changing the tire is not a difficult task. 

We have made the perfect guide for changing the dirt bike tire for those reasons. The article will be the ultimate guide for the same, and all the issues will be further down below. Various shops or online stores provide the best toolkit for changing the tire, and the cost of those tool kits is also not too high. We just need basic tools to remove the tire and insert the tire.

Materials to be used in changing the tire of a dirt bike

Tire changing tools


It is an important aspect for changing tires and for other matters too. Buying a whole toolkit at the same time is not recommended. People buy all these products daily, and they take the general feel of how the toolkit will be used. 

Tires and inner tube

Another aspect of changing tires is to have another set of tires with you. People thus buy a new set of tires for their bikes as they want to change the tires. People tend to buy new tires when they feel that the tire will wear them a few times. The inner tube is the one that always gets punctured, as having an extra pair of the tube may also come in handy. 

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Steps to change the tire of the dirt bike

Steps to change the tire

Unmounting the punched wheel

In this step, the user can detect the puncher by looking only. Once the puncher is found, a bike stand will come in place. It is an instrument that helps uplift those tires in which the operation will occur. If the puncher is being found in the front wheel, put the front wheel on the stand, remove the axle nut and lose the four-axle pinch bolts with the help of a T-wrench or ratchet extension push it from the axle from the fork lugs. 

Removing the inner tube and the rim lock

Once the wheel is removed from the fork lugs, the user needs to deflate the tire, which helps to loosen up the inner tube and the rim lock from the outer exterior of the wheel.

The valve core tool can remove these components, which helps remove the valve core for the remaining unmounting. Then the inner tube, which is completely compressed, will be taken out for the inspection purpose and changing of the inner tube. After removing the valve core, removing the valve stem nut will come into the picture.

For the removal of the rim lock, the back of the nut is to be loosened up but do not remove. When it is being loosened up completely, gently press it down, remove it from the rim lock, and make sure that the movement is free. 

Smash the tire bead from the rim

To remove the tire from the bread, make sure that the tire can move freely inside the bread. After this confirmation, the dropping of the bread into the center of the rim will take place as the user can see that the rim is u-shaped from the inside.

If the tire can move freely inside the bead, then the tire can be easily pulled off from the rim lock. Then the process of loosening will take the place of the rim lock. Hold the rim lock so that the tire can drop behind the rim lock once again while attempting to remove the other section of the tire. Lube is recommended if the tire is sticky, lube is recommended, which helps loosen up the wheel from the rim lock. 

Process of lifting the tire over the rim

The user needs to lift the tire over the rim lock to remove and inspect the inner tube in this process. After freeing the tire from the rim lock, lifting the tire takes place, and it is also the toughest part of changing the tire. After using sufficient spray, the user can insert the tire irons, which are almost 4 inches away from each other, and work in a small section at a given time interval.

Once the attempt is made and successful, the tire will slide over the rim lock, making the inner tube free to inspect. 

Complete removal of the wheel through the tire

After removing the tire over to the rim, flip the tire and do the same direction. In the same direction because once the tire starts to remove from the wheel, complete removal of the wheel from the tire will take place from the same end. Once both sides of the tire are outside, push the tire from the wheel down into the tire and pull the wheel from the middle of the tire. 


Inspection of the inner tube, rim tape, and rim lock will take place

Once the wheel is separated from the tire, inspecting the inner tube, rim tape, and rim lock will occur. Once everything is removed, check the rim tape to see if it is in good shape. Check the rim tape so that it does not contain any broken thing or break from any spot, check the dirt and dust inside the tire, as then the tire inflated all these substances works like sandpaper, hence making it difficult to ride a bike.

If the inner tube is being used for a long time, changing it will be the best option. The inner tube is present inside the tire, which one inflates, and after working multiple hours, it gets thin and then wears off. 

Inner tube and preparation of the tire

In this step, cleaning off the tire takes place so that no sand particles are present inside the tire reducing the life span of the inner tube. If the user has the baby powder, then pouring it will be a great idea as it helps in rubbing, and friction wear of the inner tube can also be done. When inserting the tire inside the wheel, rotate it to take up its space. 

Steps on changing the tires

Positioning of the inner tube on the wheel 

In this step, using a valve stem puller will come in handy to remove the valve stem through the hole present in the rim. The tool is very much handy and is cheap at the same time. Once removed, tighten the valve stem nut, which helps hold the tube to the rim. 

Place the tire on the wheel

To initiate this process, the use of tire irons as the tire is reinserted in the same fashion as when removing. Then, set the tire bread according to the rim lock and rim, which helps sit in the lower center and can be pulled off easily. Once the tire is inside the wheel, the work of the tire stand will be able to understand. If the insertion of the tire starts to take place, then rotate the wheel with the help of a stand, and the work is done with ease. Another way is to put the knee on the wheel can then, by pushing the tire, can be put off in the wheel.

Mounting of the Tire

Now put the rest of the tire in the u-shaped rim lock to lock it properly. In this tire, irons can make for easy. Once the tire is inside the wheel with bead buddy’s help, it can be mounted again in the same position, and lubrication can be the best way to deal with it if creating some difficulty. 

Inflation of the Inner Tube can Help Set the Bead

Now tighten all the valve stem and nuts and inflate the inner tube. Once the tube is inflated, tighten the nuts and the valve stem to position itself firmly. Once everything is picture-perfect, deflate the tire and tighten the rim lock for the final confirmation. 

Mounting the wheel back to the position

Mount the wheel on the fork lugs. Using a flat blade screwdriver will come in handy to spread the brake pad to insert the disk. This helps to keep the fork from the spinning process. The brake disk can also be lined up from this technique. 

These are all the steps that help change the dirt bike tire with ease. It can be used for any bike; the process is closely similar and takes the perfect care of the wheel for an increased life span.

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