How Much Does A Dirt Bike Weigh

Owning your very own dirt bike is the ultimate dream right. Starting with the first step involves listing out methods to convince your parents to let you go racing or driving, practicing in front of the mirror, and when you finally muster up enough courage to approach the topic, the carefully considered list of pros and cons going to absolute waste. And how much your dirt bike weigh is a pretty important factor.

But, you’re past that and you’ve even got them convinced to buy you a dirt bike. Now, it’s time to put to use all the knowledge you’ve got about dirt bikes and cultivate a little more of it, before deciding on your dream bike.

Every capital purchase needs elaborate research to be conducted before eventually settling on what you deem is the best choice for you. And a pretty important part of purchasing a dirt bike involves deciding the weight of the dirt bike that you intend to purchase.

A pivotal factor, this is a crucial element that needs to be factored in whilst purchasing the bike of your dreams. This is owing to the fact that an incorrect purchase that fails to offer you an ideal level of compatibility can lead to disruptive and sometimes, even dangerous consequences.

How Much Does an Average Adult Dirt Bike Weigh

The average weight of bikes that are typically meant for adults is ranged at two hundred to two fifty pounds is about 90-113 kilograms.

However, the weight of these bikes varies in accordance with their height and engine power. The weight of the bike generally increases when they are at 35 ‘’ till 38 ‘’. The engine capacity could be between 230 to 450 cc, with the higher engine power requiring a heavier body.

Dirt Bike

Despite the generalized weight attributed to adult bikes, the bike to be chosen must be picked in accordance with the individual’s level of comfort, expertise, physique, and the type of racing they wish to engage in.

Picking a bike that is in lieu of all expectations but doesn’t feel comfortable to the rider is a waste as the driver needs to feel the bike as an extension of themselves to get the best experience.

Though heavy bikes are considered to be durable and heavy-duty, it has been observed that the more recent drivers prefer a lighter model due to maneuverability and ease at which they can be handled (The fact that they hurt when they irrevocably fall on you at some point also plays a role here).

How Much Does an Average Kid’s Dirt Bike Weigh

Dirt bikes are popular amongst little kids. And honestly, out of all the stages in your life that you can start learning to drive a dirt bike, kids and adolescents are the best bet. 

And understandably the weight of bikes meant for children is going to be a lot lesser than the ones that are suited to adults.

Kids's Dirt Bike

Children’s bikes range between a hundred thirty and one hundred and fifty pounds which translates to 58-68 kilograms. It is encouraged to start with a lighter model of a bike if you are a beginner. 

This would ensure the safety of the children and allow them to train in a more comfortable manner. Introducing children to this sport with a heavy bike will prove to be useless due to the complex nature involved in learning to ride.

There also exist lighter versions of bikes for adult beginners.

The Wet Weight of a Bike

Remember the story of the donkey that had to carry salt across the river and ultimately faced its doom when it fell into the water with a pile of cotton?

The wet weight of the bike includes the net weight of the bike including the fluids such as fuel and oil required to work the bike. 

It is increasingly common to be given the wet weight of the bike by the manufacturer as it provides an accurate range of heaviness that is attributed to the bike since the riders would be using the bike with all its components filled.

The Dry Weight of a Bike

This essentially refers to the bike’s weight when you look at it in a showroom. It consists of no components that would enable the bike to function.

It is basically the weight of the wheel and the body of the bike. Therefore, it is important to note the wet weight of the bike prior to purchase.

Motocross Bike vs Trail Bike

Motorcross Trial

Motorcross bikes refer to those bikes that are used when racing a laid-out track. These bikes are used to jump hurdles without bottoming out and need to accelerate in a fast out of turn manner. They have low gearing with ratios close together.

On the other hand, trail bikes(known as enduro bikes too), as the name suggests are designed for forest trails and mountain single tracks. Therefore, they need to be able to offer that level of comfort to the riders and have a soft suspension along with a wide-ratio gearbox.

Since motocross bikes are made to run on tracks and at times fly across the hurdles for an ungodly amount of type, they tend to be less heavy than their counterparts that are designed with a kickstand, headlight, and maybe an electric starter to facilitate better navigation.

Stroke Factor

Dirt bikes can be 2-stroked or 4-stroked. The two-stroke engine of a dirt bike has no valves, rockers, camshafts, and cam chains in its engine. This lack of moving parts allows the 2-stroke engine to be less heavy than the 4-stroke engine. However, the 4-stroke engine produces higher torque and higher manageability.

To know more about the difference, click here.


All dirt bikes are designed in such a way that their overall weight is compromised as much as possible. This is essential in order to facilitate their easy handling. However, depending on the individual use, preference, height, weight, and use, the sizes and the weight of the bikes vary. Customers are advised to select the bike that is compatible with their needs and desires.

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