How to Convince Your Parents to Get Dirt Bike

It’s safe to say that your parents most probably don’t approve of you owning a dirt bike. If you felt the need how to convince your parents to get dirt bike for yourself, read through this article. However, sneaking out to try out your friend’s dirt bike with its newly changed tires was probably the best part of your week.

And it is now time for you to get your own. There’s just one tiny little problem. Don’t worry because nothing’s impossible. You got them convinced to allow you to race; now you have to do the same for letting you own one.

Racing is a passion that can’t just be carted off due to a couple of broken joints. The wind on your face and feeling the adrenaline fill up your veins is something not everyone gets to experience. And you need to own that rush.

Dirt bike racing is an art, not meant for all. However, everyone’s got, parents. So convincing your parent to let you get a bike and convincing them to let you get anything else pretty much follows the same pattern. There is a list of do’s and a longer list of don’ts to get them to say yes to you finally. 

Let’s break it down.

Be Responsible

Be Responsible while riding dirt bike

Or at least show that you can be responsible. I’m going to flatter you all and tell you that considering you race dirt bikes and presumably still have all of your limbs attached, you are responsible. After all, racing is not easy. So focus on that.

Let them know that you are responsible, careful, cautious, and any other possible synonyms you can think of. Tell them and, more importantly, show them you can be trusted to be responsible. Actions speak louder than words.

Sulking and pouting in your room is not the way to let your parent know that you are now ready to own that bike you have been sketching in your book from the time you turned ten. Chin up, and let the responsibility shine off of you.

Talk to your Parents

A tried and tested method, talking, contrary to popular belief, does solve the problem. Provided no one storms off, screaming in the opposite direction. Ask your parent’s opinions, listen to their worries, and try to address them.

Speak your part. Let them know how important this is to you. No one can refuse a person’s true passion. If you want it, you have to fight for it. Voice out why you think you’re ready to own the bike and soothe away their worries.

As difficult as it might sound, or even silly, this is by far one of the best options you have, going for you. Let’s scoop into our inner selves. *winks*

Save Up

Everyone knows dirt bikes aren’t cheap. Save up for the bike you want. On top of reducing the burden, it also shows you are mature enough to save for your things. It takes commitment to buy a bike and pay it off on your own, which lets others know about your commitment.

You could negotiate and compromise as well. Dirt bike racing isn’t a common request that most parents face. So, try to be more understanding. This might be your passion, but your parents are worried about your safety. Spending the time required to save all that money shows how serious you are about this.

Improve your driving skills

Being an amateur driver who wants their bike might not be the best angle to convince your parents. Take classes to find out how good you are on track how committed you are to the sport. Compete and find out just where you stand.

Invite your parents to look at your accomplishments. This might help give you the push needed to convince your parents that you need a dirt bike. Although, it’s important to note that there’s a chance that letting your mom see you jump across a rocky road on a two-wheeled vehicle does have chances of backfiring.

So pick your fights accordingly. If you are a genuinely good rider, this is just the next tricky part of the lane that you must accelerate and navigate through. Just a little race-related metaphor for you.

Subtlety and Persistence

Practice the above words like a mantra. Repeat it every day. You don’t want to annoy your parents by yapping about your need for a dirt bike; that is not the goal. That is, whatever the opposite of goal is. Like Di Caprio in Inception, you have to subtly dig in and plant the idea.

Amazing movie, that. Leave barely-there hints about your dirt bike conversation with your parents. Reinforce the maturity, safety, and other terms you’ve been working on. 

Now, onto persistence. Persistence is defined as an individual’s unwavering attention and efforts focused on a single task. Note: this is not the official definition; check the official definition here. However, you could think that way if it finally leads you to get that gorgeous piece of metal into your garage. Don’t give up. 

Focus on the Pros

Now, everything has its ups and downs. Literally when you are racing, but right now, let’s focus on the ups. Leaving alone the reasons why bike racing is dangerous, it also offers a plethora of positive aspects. To be on the back of a dirt bike, you have to be patient, disciplined, skilled, hard-working, strict, and focused.

The amount of concentration dirt bikes demand cannot be ignored. And your parents know it. If not, make them know it. Show them that dirt bikes demand a high responsibility cost, and you are willing to pay it. Every penny. Both literally and figuratively. This ought to soften the road, and you can start to pave it. Just be slow and steady. 

A Little Shameless Manipulating Never Hurt Anybody

So, now that all the above steps have been ticked or checked off, we move to the less ethical side of things. Tell them this is your passion, you have to follow it, this is where you get high from, in the best way.

The much safer sort. The racing would keep you occupied enough. Riding a bike or working on a bike are constructive activities that take time and keep you occupied and fulfilled to help you ignore bad influences as you grow. As true as this is, this might not be the entire truth since the bad influences come no way near to the rush of strapping on gloves and taking into the dark or light on your own.

The invincibility that is offered to you. But that part we can keep to ourselves. This is some food for thought for your parents, who will surely take some time to think through your request. This also offers you stress relief, which is a must-need for today’s world and the generation of people living. 


As many different ways of convincing your parents I could break down for you, ultimately, it comes down to you and your parents. No one knows them better than you and vice versa. Get it out and tell them your desire to own a bike of your own. And we’re sure that if you go about it the right way, you are sure to end up with the bike sooner or later.

Be honest, responsible, mature, and fair. Appease your parents and help them see things from your side of the road. Every race needs different game plans; similarly, your bike needs a different approach based on your preference of tracks, ability, style, etc. likewise, your strategy to get a bike needs a solid game plan.

And if everything else fails, you could always offer to do extra chores and get your bike. 

Good luck!

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