Best Dirt Bikes For 7 Year Old in 2022

Does your little one adore bikes? It is not uncommon for kids to love noisy, big bikes that swoop past them. However, it takes a talented little soul to want to ride one, though. And we have put together a list of the best dirt bikes for 7-year old’s.

While a lot of parents may oppose dirt bike riding at first glance, you need to know that not all kids wish to ride a dirt bike. Neither can they all do the same. This brings us to the positives involved in learning how to ride a dirt bike.

Not only do dirt bikes involve a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work required to be learnt, but they also need discipline. And plenty of it. Nothing will cement your belief more than your child’s willingness to exert the efforts needed to master the dirt bike, they also have the will to do the same.

List of Best Dirt Bikes for 7 year old

We’ve already established that dirt bike riding isn’t a hobby, rather it is a passion. And if your young one is interested in it, then you need to make your peace with their choice. And support them wholeheartedly. And nothing screams support more than getting them their own brand new dirt bike.

The market for kids’ motorcycles for 7-year-olds is astonishingly high. These cute small dirt bikes for little kids have plenty of choices that you need to pick and choose. 

Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike

Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike

The Razor Authentic motocross bike has an off-the-charts frame geometry inculcated in its design. The MX350 helps in scaling down the dirt bike to size for riders of a younger age group. This bike is capable of carrying up to 140 lb (64 kg).

Powered by a high torque, it is able to offer its rear-wheel chain drive to deliver increased power and traction to the drivers. This is an electric bike that is famed for its durability which is a result of good quality materials.

This bike offers a speed that is a maximum of up to 14 mph (22 km/h). The bike can be used for half an hour with no breaks in between.

Additionally, the bike also features an adjustable-angle, riser-style handlebar. How cool is that? It also contains spoked wheels with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires.

It comes with a retractable kickstand, and a hand-operated rear brake, making it highly safe. The bike is powered by a 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery system.


  • Hand throttle
  • Sleek design


  • Might be hard to handle

Burromax TT250 Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike for Kids

Burromax TT250 Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike for Kids

The Burromax TT250 electric motorcycle dirt bike is a fan favorite. This is a 250W 24VDC high torque bike that contains a BDC motor. It is powered using 2-12V 7Ah batteries.

The charging time of this quaint little bike is up to eight hours. The bike has two different speed selections. One of them is a Low Speed of 7 Mph, and the other is a High Speed of 14 Mph.

The smooth acceleration provided in this bike comes from the variable throttle control. The stellar welded tube steel frame design that this bike sports also comes with full suspension. It has a heavy-duty folding footrest and an adjustable riser handlebar.

The battery in this bike is UL-approved. It has a 24V 1.5 Amp battery charger that is capable of lasting up to an amazing eight hours. The handlebar is mounted rear brake lever to control the rear disc brake on the aluminium alloy wheels.

All necessary tools are included for maintenance and very minimal easy installation of handlebars.


  • UL approved battery
  • Aluminium alloy wheels


  • Design

MotoTec 24v 500w Gazella Electric Dirt Bike

MotoTec 24v 500w Gazella Electric Dirt Bike

The MotoTec 24v Electric Dirt Bike is a high-powered bike that no kid would not get happy over. This is an amazing bike that is great for the driveway. It makes cruising over bumps feel like nothing.

And it is perfect, I repeat, the perfect bike for speeding through dirt trails, with ease you can’t mimic. The bike comes equipped with a standard front and rear suspension that adds further pleasantness to your ride. 

And as an added bonus advantage, the bike has parent-selectable speeds. That is a relief. The dirt bikes come equipped with large knobby-tired.

The battery of the bike can be removed. The bike can be charged as a separate entity from the bike. The motor is made of a 24-volt battery with 500 watts. It is made of neodymium mangent. It contains three different speeds 5, 10, and 16 MPH.

The maximum rider weight that this bike supports is 150 lbs.


  • Sleek design
  • Made of alloy metal


  • Comes in just one color

SYX MOTO Electric Start Kids Dirt Bike

SYX MOTO Electric Start Kids Dirt Bike

The SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike offers several noteworthy features to its users. 

This bike is powered by gas and offers an impressive 2-Stroke engine with a 50cc capacity.

An off-road motorcycle, it is a popular choice amongst young riders. The fully automated transmission further boosts this bike’s appeal.

The MOTO Motorcycle comes in a striking orange color that will never allow you to not shine. It demands its deserved attention and gets it every time. Furthermore, the bike is available in different similarly striking shades.

The bike also provides 365-day customer service that can be reached via email and phone call support during business hours.

The size of this bike is 50inch x 22inch x 33.5inch with a seat height of 21 inches. The maximum weight capacity of the bike is at160 lbs.

It also provides strong front and rear disk brakes for maximum control over the bike. It weighs between twenty-two to twenty-six kilograms depending on the water factor.

 For assembling the bike, you need to install the rear shock absorber, front wheel, handlebar, and fender.


  • Fully automated machine
  • Rear shock absorber


  • Insufficient warranty

FRP DB002 50CC 2-Stroke Kid Dirt Bike

FRP DB002 50CC 2-Stroke Kid Dirt Bike

The FRP DB002 is a 50 cc dirt bike that is considered to be one of the most reliable dirt bikes that can be found on the market today.

It is a 2-Stroke dirt bike that is manufactured for kids. This 50cc dirt bike supports weight up to 165.3 lbs with dimensions of 38″L x 22″W x 27″H.

The FRP DB002 kids dirt bike is built with a rugged, proven clutch. It also has a solid, sturdy metal tube steel frame for extra stability.

The rear disk brake presents the riders with a smooth stop when used that ensures that the kids won’t bypass the safety speed of the bike.

The bike has a fully automatic chain transmission system that allows for a maximum speed of up to 20 mph.

The bike is fuel-efficient and guarantees a long engine life. This gas-powered dirt bike provides easy pull start operations that allow you to fire up the bike quickly and effortlessly.

The low-pressure pneumatic knobby tires provide a soft and smooth ride even on clumpy surfaces.


  • Extended engine life
  • Rear disk brake


  • Low warranty period

Things To Consider While Buying 7-year old kids Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bike for Kids

Size of a Dirt Bike for a 7-year-old Kid

Size plays an obviously huge part in your selection for dirt bikes. If chosen incorrectly, the extra pressure on the suspension or the lack of pressure is gonna end in disaster.

A bike that allows the feet of the rider to completely touch the ground when seated in order to stop the bike when necessary, is preferred. Typically 50cc bikes are made to fit young adults. Pick the bike that is best suited to the size of the rider.


It is a primary feature of dirt bikes, that is used as a basis of differentiation. It is used in reference to the engine type that your bike contains. Two-stroke engines have a quicker initial acceleration, are easier to fix and repair, and run on a fuel mixture of oil and gas, making their emissions fairly dirty. Four-stroke engines, on the other hand, offer higher top speed. And contain complicated engines, and run cleaner than a two-stroke. Check out this post for complete differences

Construction and Design

The construction and design of a dirt bike need to be essentially looked about before you sign the check. It is suggested to purchase a dirt bike that has a good aerodynamical design as you expect your dirt bike to perform stunts that defy physics and gravity. And you need the construction to be top-notch.


There exist several noteworthy bikes in the market for 7-year-olds. We have handpicked a list of the best models and provided the links for further inspection. You can check other ages bikes here

You can choose the bike based on your height, strength, color preference, engine capacity, wheel size, budget, etc.

Getting a tried and trusted bike will be a treasured moment for both the children and the parents.

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