Best Dirt Bike Tires (2022) – Buyer Guide Explained

Nothing can be more adrenaline oozing than strapping on your gloves and safety pads and taking your bike out on a spin. The feel of the wind, the roar of the engine, and the sound of cheering are maybe some of the best things you could ever hope to feel.

When you live for racing or driving, it is important to go for the perfect pair of tires that may very well constitute the difference between the win or lose or in some extreme cases, life or death. Therefore, you need to know everything there is about dirt bike tires that keep you running straight on the not-so-straight and smooth on the definitely-not-smooth paths that you choose to ride. Fear not, ‘cause we’ve broken down all that there is to know about the best dirt bikes that are currently available in the market.

And which of these might potentially be the lucky ones fitted into your bike and gets you the trophy. 

Dirt bike tires essentially help in smooth cornering, mastering the whoops, winning the holeshot, and making you land that stubborn jump. Any contingencies such as bad inflation, uneven knobs, or incorrect compounds can make the mechanics and dynamics of the whole experience.

There are several key features that have to be considered before purchasing the dirt bike tires of your dreams.

Our Recommendation For Best Dirt Bike Tires

ImageProductOur ratingPrice
Best Sand Tire for Dirt Bike
Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires
Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires
Check price on Amazon
Best Front Tire for Dirt Bike
Dunlop Geomax MX33
Dunlop Geomax MX33
Check price on Amazon
Best Intermediate Dirt Bike Tire
Protrax PT1106 Motocross Off-Roading Soft Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire
Protrax PT1106 Motocross Off-Roading Soft Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire
Check price on Amazon
Best Single Track Dirt Bike Tire
Kenda K760 Motorcycle Tire
Kenda K760 Motorcycle Tire
Check Price on Amazon
Best DOT Dirt Bike Tire
MMG Off-Road Tire Set
MMG Off-Road Tire Set
Check Price on Amazon
Best Dirt Bike Trail Tire
Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires
Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires
Check Price on Amazon
Best Paddle Tire for 450 Dirt Bike
Maxxis M7304 Maxxcross Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire
Maxxis M7304 Maxxcross Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire
Check Price on Amazon
Best Dirt Bike Tire for Hare Scramble
Michelin StarCross 5 Medium
Michelin StarCross 5 Medium
Check Price on Amazon
Best Rear Dirt Bike Tire
Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross Rear Tire
Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross Rear Tire
Check price on Amazon
Best Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tire
Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid Hard Front Tire
Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid Hard Front Tire
Check price on Amazon

We have provided the list of dirt bike tires available in the market. The category and the link to the dirt bike tires to check the price and availability have also been provided above.

Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires- Best Sand Tire for Dirt Bike

Syx Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Known to the more seasoned racers, the Sedona hard terrain tires are a one-of-a-kind find. Best suited for off-road vehicles, these tires are known for their quality and efficiency. A highly respected brand, the  MX907HP hard terrain dirt bike tire is the perfect example of their standards.

The MX907HP hard terrain dirt bike tire is known for its tight tread pattern that allows its riders smooth traction on the road or the track. There exist very few tires that can compete with the MX907HP. It holds a stellar performance track on mud, sand, rock, blue groove, or any other kind of road you can find.

It works on hard terrains with excellent traction. The selling feature of the MX907HP is its ability to withstand regular use. There exists protective knobs that can be adapted for easy and quick stabilization against all platforms.

Features of Sedona MX907HP

  • Fit for regular use
  • Has a tight tread pattern
  • All-rounder in handling various surfaces
  • Efficient and smart design
  • Offers maximum consistency

Dunlop Geomax MX33- Best Front Tire Dirt Bike

Syx Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Known for its habit of sponsoring some of the best-viewed competitions in the racing world, no one’s not heard of Dunlop. Dunlop has left its mark on history and is still not done creating its legacy. Apart from writing or racing history, Dunlop produces terrain tires that are unmatchable. The Dunlop Geomax MX33 is a beauty in and by itself.  

With an excellent Carcass Tension Control System, which in plain speak expands upon the customization option for an overall smooth experience, the Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires are unparalleled for their ability to absorb bumps and make the driver feel like he’s racing over the clouds, even though he’s on the sandy desert tracks. 

This tire is also known for its innovative qualities. They possess the Block-In-A-Block technology in their front tires that elevates the linear tracking of the bike.

It has block distribution in its tread design, helping it refine over the control patch. This offers traction and slide control of an amazing kind on firm base soil.

Features of Dunlop Geomax MX33

  • Offers excellent traction
  • Innovative integration of technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Ability to perform in every situation imaginable

Protrax PT1106 Motocross Off-Roading Soft Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire- Best Intermediate Dirt Bike Tire

Syx Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

When you choose to gain your dose of adrenaline via racing, a reliable set of tires to guide you through thick and thin becomes your best friend. This is not an area to be compromised on. 

The Protrax PT1106 Dirt Bike Tires Set can navigate hard and soft terrains with relative ease and holds the position of being the best intermediate tire set, in an unshakable manner. Heavily tried and tested, the company spared no expenses in making sure the tires were top-notch in performance and safety.

Owning a stellar structure and frame, the PT1106 can be used for a prolonged period of time, with no diminishing quality. Be it sun or rain, their tires will help you get through unscathed.

The company, ProTrax is known for its durability and manufacturing tires that hold good on its promises.

The ProTrax tires are made with a hard rubber compound that provides the product with robust and four-ply construction, making them fit for a slew of different situations

Protrax Soft Intermediate Terrain Tire are constructed with standard height lugs that keep the treads spaced moderately for smooth dirt ejection. The evenly formed contact patch works as a welcome bonus.

Features of Protrax PT1106

  • Effective infrastructure that combined clever geometric construction
  • Durable and effective
  • Can last for a long period of time with no reduction in quality

Kenda K760 Motorcycle Tire- Best Single Track Dirt Bike Tire

Syx Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

The indie sweetheart, the Kenda K760, is a fan favorite dirt bike tire. With wonderfully affordable prices, this set of tires has stolen the hearts and breaths of its buyers and viewers. With fierce competition in the world of bike tire manufacturers, Kenda has managed to retain its position due to its refreshing price range and wonderful product quality. The K760 Motorcycle Tire is the perfect example in this regard.

One of the best features of the Kenda K760 is the sidewalls of the tire that are butter-soft and flexible. This helps the driver to overcome obstacles without causing harm to the suspensions. The tire offers large knobs that are designed to help pull the motorbike through difficult patches of dirt.

A one-in-all achiever, the Kenda K760 is a brilliant choice that can be safely considered for a thorough, safe, and affordable experience.

Features of Kenda K760

  • Can withstand pressure
  • Can work effectively and efficiently in different terrains, types, and conditions of tracks
  • Affordable prices

MMG Off-Road Tire Set- Best DOT Dirt Bike Tire

Syx Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

The MMG Off-Road Tire Set can be safely considered as a severely misunderstood set of tires. This is mainly due to ignorance. The MMG Off-Road Tire Set offers excellent features that can elevate your motorbike to different dimensions.

Its off-road tire set is one of the most competitive options in the present market. And for a good reason. In a fairly oligopolistic environment, the MMG tire sets have distinguished abilities that very few of its competitors can meet or match. They possess a high level of fortification on their side knobs, which adds a layer of security that helps in balancing out the corners a lightning speed.

The MMG promises a no-hassle, smooth ride with its tires on account of the knob pattern that makes it compatible with hard terrain. And delivers just that. It also has increased ease for cleaning due to its tread pattern that can quite literally self-clean.

Features of MMG Off-Road

  • Outperforms most competitors 
  • Pulls dirt bikes from sticky surfaces
  • Smooth maintenance process

Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires- Best Dirt Bike Trail Tire

Syx Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Need I explain the greatness of Bridgestone? If your answer is a yes, then you, my friend are a newbie. This Japanese company has been manufacturing world-class terrain tires for almost a century now. That’s a long time.

Bridgestone makes tires that can be called an all-rounder tire set that aims, strive, and lives to tick off every box in the checklist for the ultimate tire set. These tires are versatile and can be used on soft terrain and hard terrain. They are lightweight, strong, and have a great grip. 

There is little to nothing that can go wrong if you choose to adorn your motorbike with a set of Bridgestone tires. Their tires, the Battlecross X30 hard terrain dirt bike tire is known for its ability and skill in navigating and holding its forte in tricky terrains. The tires offer heady levels of power and traction. Everything is an art, Bridgestone took this sentence to heart, making even their dirt bike tires a work of art, revolutionizing the design of tire industries forever. 

The broad block pattern of the tires allows for them to perform well on the soil. It is perfectly tailored for racetracks and dirt tracks alike, with a tread pattern that is extensively optimized to increase efficiency.

You can choose these tires without batting an eyelid and would not regret it.

Features of Bridgestone Battlecross X30

  • Lightweight
  • Offers excellent grip
  • Possesses a universal track
  • Includes strong punch

Maxxis M7304 Maxxcross Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire- Best Paddle Tire for 450 Dirt Bike

Syx Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Things are heating up now, you want that perfect set of tires and this is probably the eighth article you clicked on to find the tire of your dreams. Fear not, ‘cause there’s a high chance that the Maxxis M7304 might be the one, for you.

One of the leading and foremost tire production firms, Maxxis is known for its quality products. Their tires are unmatched in their strength and vigor. A popular and well-respected brand, they punch out premium tires that lack no style or strength.

With stellar traction content offered, credits to the rubber compound used in its manufacture, the design and structure of the Maxxis M7304 is made to win. And win, it does. It boasts an impressive broad paddle design which is exceptionally efficient for maintaining solid traction on soft terrain. 

They also offer excellent ground support, balance, stability, and efficiency, making them an ideal set of tires for your bike.

Features of Maxxis M7304

  • Excellent traction offered
  • Rubber compound included in manufacturing
  • Effective riding experience
  • Easy maintenance

Michelin StarCross 5 Medium- Best Dirt Bike Tire for Hare Scramble

Syx Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

C’mon, who has not heard of Michelin. Their logo is unmistakable and definitely not one to be forgotten, and the entire credit cannot be attributed to their white cartoon figurine. Michelin tires are famous and have earned every right to be so. 

This brand has been making tires for a long time and will likely continue to do so for a long, long time to come. This brand is known for its quality, reliability, and solidarity. Michelin makes tires for commercial, home, and racetracks. Talk about versatility. 

The Michelin Starcross 5 Medium is one of the very best dirt bike tires available out on the market. It offers side knobs for an enhanced grip that is vital for angular leans.

Michelin tires can run and beat any tracks, they have an elevated pattern of knobs that helps in superior grip context. This is a solid choice.

Features of Michelin StarCross 5 Medium

  • Fit for racing
  • Offers an excellent grip
  • Can suit complex tracks
  • Best-equipped for racing

Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross Rear Tire- Best Rear Dirt Bike Tire

Syx Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Yet another Michelin branded tire. You can forgo reading any further and straight away get one of the two Michelin tires listed here. The Starcross series has some of Michelin’s best tire sets and will not disappoint its customers.

It is a Michelin promise that has been kept and held for ages.

This tire set packs within a wonderful combination of raw power and smart design, which could be considered as the brand’s motto. 

Features of Michelin Starcross MH3

  • Dual compatibility in use
  • Offers superior handling
  • Has power
  • Possesses a smart and efficient design structure.

Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid Hard Front Tire (Mid to Soft terrain)- Best Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tire

Pirelli holds the credit for making the best off-road dirt bike tires by a large majority vote. The Pirelli tires Scorpion MX32 Hard Terrain Tires are made for dirt roads.

These tires check off high-powered performance, lasting road life, and efficient handling. What more could you wish for?

True to its name, the Pirelli Scorpion enables its drivers to effortlessly route through critical and extremely challenging lean angles and turns. This is chalked up to the fact that its knobs feature dimples. A combination of the tri-ply carcass on rear wheels, mammoth knob power makes its traction strength substantially higher. Innovation at its finest.

The Pirelli Scorpion is designed to withstand muddy conditions and can maintain control whilst faced with bumps and edges. It handles itself smoothly on all types of terrain while laying particular emphasis on rocky ground.

Features of Pirelli Scorpion MX32

  • Expert dirt biking
  • Offers multiple layers of protection
  • Fit for all types of terrain

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of terrains for dirt bike tires?

– Soft Terrain
– Intermediate Terrain
– Hard Terrain

How often should dirt bike tires be replaced?

Dirt bike tires tend to have varying longevities. Therefore, there is no exact timeframe within which a replacement is necessary, as the answer tends to vary.
However, it’s best to go for a change every 4 years to be on the safe side.

Furthermore, monitor the wheel bodies if the performance falters, in which case an early replacement might be necessary.

What is considered the best dirt bike pressure while racing on sand?

Getting the tire pressure is extremely vital when taking your dirt bike onto the sand. If it’s too much, then it will not be able to maintain control, and a lack of it will result in the motorcycle getting stuck on the ground. The perfect air pressure for this region is 12psi.


There are several options available for fitting tires into one’s dirt bike. But it’s important to choose the most effective and efficient options that can manage an optimal balance of the requirement and desires of the rider. 

Every race needs different game plans, similarly, your bike needs a different approach based on your preference of tracks, ability, style, etc… We have tried to update you with some of the finest available options to get your beloved bikes fitted.

Happy Racing!

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